Valid theories or ‘Send me to the loony bin’ ideas??

Sometimes things mull around in my head and at the moment, I have two ‘theories’ mulling around in my head. I have not fully researched either of them or really thought about them in great detail, but I’m gonna put them to paper now to see what all of you think.

The first I’m going to mention, is a more recent idea…. I believe that we are born to vampirism, I do not think that one can be ‘turned’ by drinking a vampyres blood or by any other means, however, recently a conversation brought up something that had me thinking in a slightly different direction.

Blood transfusions….yeah, we all know about them, they happen all the time, so, what if someone has a blood transfustion and what if (a) almost all their blood is replaced or (b) in the blood they receive that just happen to receive vampyre blood. This is not like ingesting blood, where the blood will be affected by stomach acids, we’re talking vamp blood directly into the vein. There have been documented cases where people who had transplants suddenly developed tastes or interests that they didn’t have before, so if a person receives vamp blood intravenously do you think that its possible that it could ‘make’ them a vamp? Right now, at this moment, I’m two minded about that, part of me really thinks its a possibility and another part thinks it can’t be. I think that vampirism is genetic and hereditary, although I don’t think its necessarily ‘passed on’ to all members in a family but then again, blood has our DNA in it, so  the implications of that in another persons body could be interesting.

What do you think?

The second thing mulling in my head, involves vamps, bats, fallen angles and dragons all in one mish mashed package. The theory that vamps could be fallen angels is one I find interesting, but for me, there seemed to be something lacking, something missed. I have also long been interested in why bats are always associated with vampyres. Yes, I know you get vampire bats, but they were so called because of vampyres, did the association start before the naming of those bats or afterwards? (i’m not sure about that one, so if anyone knows, please tell me). Dragons have always fascinated me in a way I couldn’t quite figure out. It was only fairly recently when a friend did an article about the whole vamp/angel theory that these things all kinda mashed up in my mind and here is my still rather garbled thoughts (and allow me some poetic licence here) on the idea. What if the vampyre/fallen angel/bat idea is also connected with dragons, which if you think about it are kinda like large bats. Angels, bats and dragons all have wings and there is a theory also that vampyres have/had wings that are unseen now. Bats and dragons have similar wings…….dragons breathe fire…..fallen angels kinda imply that they feel from heaven into hell….hell its said, is full of fire and brimstone…..Can you see where I am going here?? What if vampyres, fallen angels and dragons are one and the same thing and THAT is where the ‘vampyre turning into a bat’ idea comes from!!!

Any thoughts???

And if anyone would like to now try and put me into a nice white jacked with straps on the sleeves, I have one thing to say……..

Bite me


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Vampyre Friends

Vampyric friendship, does it work well? I recently had cause to ponder this question and the following lyrics from Meatloaf came to mind:

Oh, is this a blessing or is it a curse? Does it get any better? Can it get any worse? Will it go on forever, is it over tonight? Does it come with the darkness? Does it bring out the light? It’s a stairway to heaven or a subway going down to the pits?

For the most part, I have awesome relationships with my vamp friends, but most, if not all vamps, tend to be rather volatile and can be moody, especially when having feeding issues. I admit it, I’m volatile and moody at the best of times, and when energy is low and causes problems, I’m even more so and at times like that, I tend to lash out without meaning to. Its a big fault I know, but I am who and what I am. Usually, even this kind of thing isn’t a problem, but if the ‘moods’ of two vamp friends coincide, expect earthquakes, volcanoes and harsh words. If those vamps happen to have other ‘sides’ to themselves, you can bet it will be even worse. Of course I’m speaking from my own experience here, so I’m not sure if its like that for all vamps but I would love to hear your experiences.

Do you experience the same kind of thing?
What do you do about it?
Is it preventable?
What do you do after it happens and the shit has hit the fan?

Right now, I’m in one of those moods, alternating between depression, anger and rage. At times like this, I generally avoid conflict, but at the same time, my mood inspires conflict, so its a catch 22 situation. Do I lock myself up and communicate with no one??? LOL that would probably be a good idea, but not really practical. And who can we talk to, when our mood makes us lash out at those closest to us? I’m not proud that I am like this, its not a side of me I enjoy, but I seem powerless to do much about it.

I’m not stupid, I know all the ‘self help’ tips and things that one should do in situations like this, but the reality is, that when we are actually IN the situation, often that stuff flies out the window. As vamps, we all tend to get drawn to other vamps and those that share the same personalities as is, so I have to think that maybe I’m not alone in this.

So, here is what I ask of you…….. Oh, is this a blessing or is it a curse? Does it get any better? Can it get any worse? Will it go on forever, is it over tonight? Does it come with the darkness? Does it bring out the light? It’s a stairway to heaven or a subway going down to the pits?

And to my best buddy…….I’m sorry

Bite me

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When I was a kid, I was always more interested in reading than playing games, so when my friends wanted to play, I would play along for a while and then move off and go back to my books or something more interesting to me. Nothing much has really changed in that regard, I still find ‘playing games’ boring and silly and I get bored with them quickly. Adult ‘games’ are more annoying, because really, ummmm you are an adult now *rolls eyes*, so if I’m bored, I will amuse myself for a whole, but seriously, get over yourself…..

Yes, I do think often of life as the ‘game of life’ and yes, it is a game in many ways, but life is a serious game and one that you can really mess up by being silly, and childish. Much of adult life is like a game, with give and take, winning and losing, compromising and working together, but when you get petty and childish, you just end up making yourself look silly, because you should know better.

So here, *kicks ball off into the distance* there’s your ball, go play somewhere else please, I have better things to do…..

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A Vampyre View (First published by SAVN on 25 May 2012)

I recently had the following comment on one of my articles: “I would like to see how being what you are relates psychologically. The hunger/need for energy, or blood, viewing people as food, changes people in a psychological manner that is fascinating. I’m very interested in how a sexual vampire views the world around him/her, and I think that it would make a very interesting article if you wrote one that focused on that.”
So, I’ve decided to focus this article on that topic, as much as I am able.

This is actually a very complex subject and also I think a very private one. How I ‘view the world’ may be very different to the way somebody else does or another vampyre does.

Let me break this up a bit. Firstly “The hunger/need for energy, or blood, viewing people as food”. I guess that you can relate the ‘hunger’ to something medical, for example diabetes – if there is something lacking in your body, then you need to get that ‘something’ from another source, be it food, medicine, energy or anything else. This is not something to be ashamed of, like some ‘fanatics’ might try to say, but just part of your biological/physiological makeup.

I need energy so I get it from somewhere. As for viewing people as food, well, yes, sometimes I joke around among my friends and say I’m gonna eat them or have them for breakfast (*waves to Breakfast*) but that is just joking, I don’t really view people as ‘food’. People are people, some are friends, some are family, some are acquaintences, some are just those that I pass on my daily life, but they are all just people.

The ones that help me sustain my energy are caring individuals who like to help those who need help in whatever way. Also, when I have more than enough energy of my own, I have in turn offered that energy to someone else who is in need, because I am also a caring individual who likes to help others. I would not ‘feed’ on any individual without them knowing it, because that is just who I am, but if a group of people are having an argument or a fast paced conversation, those types of things do create vast amounts of ambient energy and that is already out there, so ‘feeding’ on that, is not making anyone your ‘food’.

How this affects me psychologically isn’t really an easy thing to answer. No, I don’t feel ashamed that I require extra energy, no I do not look on people as food, yes when I require energy it does affect my mood and I guess it’s the same as a pms type reaction – I get irritated easily, angered easily, and I tend to blow up and break down easily – but that is the same kind of thing that many women deal with and many men for that matter I guess – so I’m basically just like everyone else.

Now, with regards sexual feeding…..and just so everyone knows, that is not the ONLY way I obtain energy, just one of them. With sexual feeding, it works a bit differently, sometimes there is give and take and sometimes just taking (very basically put), but in all instances of sexual feeding, in my experience anyway, both parties always ‘get’ something out of it, be it energy or pleasure. In my opinion, which may or may not be popular, if someone is getting something from me, then I can get something from them without asking permission, because it is a give and take situation.

How does this affect me psychologically? Hmmm, let me think about this. When I was younger and didn’t understand the effect that I had on guys, it was sometimes difficult to handle, because I was young and didn’t understand. I sometimes felt guilty and worried, but I was strong and I dealt with what came up. There were times when I was withdrawn because I just didn’t want to deal with it. Now that I’m older, sometimes the same issues come up, but now I understand more, I know more. I know myself more so it’s a lot easier to deal with. There are times, when this kind of feeding can cause problems and when that happens, I take a bit of a hiatus from it, to recover my equilibrium. As I get energy in other ways as well, it’s not a problem to ‘opt out’ for a while.

As for how I view the world around me, well, pretty much the same as everyone else I guess, except that I know that there are things out there that are not so easy to understand and being who and what I am, I don’t judge anyone else for being different, as I said before, people are just people, some are just different to others in ways that make them unique individuals. In fact, every individual is a unique individual in their own way.

I hope that answers the question, but if there is anything more specific, then feel free to ask and I’ll try answer it in a future article.

So Bite Me!


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The ‘New Generation’ Sexual Vampyre (First published by SAVN on 17 May 2012)

[Please be advised that this entire article is based on my own opinion and experiences and in no way reflects on anyone else and how they identify.] I’ve read a lot lately about the different types of sexual Vampyre, Eros, Tantric, Succubus, Incubus. In my opinion, there is only one type ‘The sexual Vampyre’!

The true sexual vampyre can and will use all the supposed feeding means and wiles that are normally allocated to the ‘different’ types. These can and will all be used at different times under different circumstances and with different donors. Speaking for myself, I do that, mostly online because of personal circumstances. Sometimes it’s subtle flirtation, sometimes it’s blatant flirtation, sometimes it’s more erotic and about build up of desire, sometimes it’s cybersex (or phone sex), sometimes it’s only about me getting what I want and sometimes it’s a more mutual thing.

Mostly there is no emotion involved at all, but occasionally, emotion comes into play. If I had to take it into the physical realm, then all of those would apply there too and did in times past. As a teen and young adult, I always had a lot of allure for the opposite sex and in fact sometimes had more attention than I knew what to do with, because at that time, I had no idea what I was, although I used that allure to get my way, A LOT.

As a sexual Vampyre, why try and ‘label’ yourself one thing or limit yourself to one type of feeding, when all are possible for you? Of course, each individual will have personality traits that can affect the way they choose to feed, so some may limit themself to eros, tantric, succubus or incubus feeding, but that would be a personal choice then. I really don’t see the point in trying to fit yourself into a box, when as Vampyres we so blatantly aren’t meant to be boxed (unless it’s in a coffin LOL).

The choice of donor is also not always something simple, but also a matter of choice. Personally, I find strong (not necessarily physically), powerful, intelligent men the most attractive – but because I have a bit of a dominant personality, I prefer to have someone a bit more submissive and easier to control as a donor, although I have been known to make exceptions.

My reason for this is that the guys that attract me have interesting conversation, which can distract me from ‘feeding’, I find intelligent conversation just as stimulating, so would then rather converse than feed. A more submissive donor, can be easily manipulated to do what I want him to do and is not usually the kind I would converse with. However thats me, I’m a complicated person and nothing about me is easy.

Then we get onto the subject of where to find the right kind of donors. Being able to psi feed sexually, even at a distance makes it easier for me and being a dominant personality, those sites that are not mentioned in polite society can be a whole menu for me. Facebook or any other social networking site is also an excellent source of donors and I find that I don’t even usually have to go out looking for them, they tend to find their way to me, without me even trying much to attract them.

Among the ‘normal population’ out there, thanks to books/movies/tv series, there seem to be a whole lot of people that are fascinated with Vampyres and often will do almost anything to make contact with a real Vampyre. That can be a good thing for the sexual Vampyre, because it allows for a ready source of donors, although there are those that can be scared off by a dominant sexual Vampyre, but in most cases, they won’t be totally scared off, just a bit nervous of what they are getting into. Once the contact has been made however, they can very seldom resist for long.

What I have also found interesting, is that even though I am ‘straight’, I also seem to attract attention from my own sex and I have to say that although I haven’t gone that route yet, the thought does intrigue me and there are some ladies out there who are very tempting. Initially, when new to the VC, I kept this side of me hidden, but as these things will, it kinda came out anyway as I become more comfortable with who I am. I no longer even bother to try and hide it, but I’m sure there are those that might have been surprised or even a bit shocked, especially in view of some things they said to me (yes Breakfast, I’m talking about you lol).

So bite me!


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Vampyre Healer (First published by SAVN on 16 May 2012)

I’m a healer. I do reiki healing, energy healing, shamanic healing and crystal healing. I also do oracle card readings, etheric cord cuttings, past life readings and chakra balancing.  I teach various subjects too, including reiki and dowsing. There are other things I also do which I don’t advertise. Considering the misunderstandings about psi vamps out there, being both a healer anda psychic Vampyre might seem like a paradox to some.

Some people think that the two are contradictory, so I should go into a bit more detail – but before I really get started, just a mention of a question I was asked the other day. “Do I ever feed on clients?” – the answer to that is an emphatic NO!!! That would be immoral and unethical, I have never done it and I would never do it.

Some of the things I do, require me to use my own energy, which can leave me feeling drained, but others don’t require my own energy so they are easier to deal with.

Reiki and energy healing both use universal energy so they don’t drain me at all  – in fact, because the energy flows through me into my client, I am kinda getting the benefit of the energy at the same time I am doing the healing.

Shamanic healing on the other hand, requires me to use some of my own energy, but in most cases, the person I’m healing is with me, so it makes it easier as they are contributing to their healing. There is some shamanic work that I can do at a distance and THAT is when I can run into trouble. Doing certain types of shamanic work at a distance requires huge amounts of intense concentration and focus, it can take long and tends to leave me VERY drained afterwards.

Luckily I have no problems with finding willing donors who can supply me with energy, so I don’t usually stay drained for long. What can also drain me in connection with all types of healing, is the consultation with the client. These consultations can be long and involved and I have to utilize my empathic ablilites to add to the session, which can also be draining.

Doing Oracle Card Readings, also can leave me drained, so I normally don’t do more than about three a day. The reason they drain me, is because for me it isn’t simply reading the cards that come up – my ‘gift’ is that I sometimes just ‘know’ things, which get added to the reading and it’s that gift that can use up my energy. Past life readings can also drain me, because they require reaching into the past of a persons mind to find out what it is in a past life that is affecting them in this one – these readings are mostly done for healing benefits, not just for ‘fun’. Etheric cord-cuttings and chakra balancing are not too much of a problem.

The other work which I don’t advertise, is more of a ‘witchy’ nature and that can also drain me, depending on what it is I am doing. That work is also more dangerous in some cases, which means I need to increase protections. I also do spirit rescue and because of that, if I go anywhere where people are likely to have died, or there are bodies, like hospitals, churches, cemetaries, then when I get home, I need to check if ‘anyone’ has followed me home looking for help, and if they have, I need to deal with that too – and that is also something which can be draining.

Do any of my clients know that I am a psi vamp? No, they don’t, there is no reason that they need to know, because it doesn’t affect them in any way. For the same reason, they don’t know that I am a witch either.

So here I am, a psi vamp who needs energy, doing work which often requires energy, sometimes my own energy. So right about now you are probably thinking….. “If she has access to all that energy, why does she require others to feed from?” Well, the answer to that is not exactly black and white. As I healer, I personally feel it would be an abuse of energy to use the healing energy in that way and secondly, the energy that ‘satisfies’ me most is human energy, anything else is just a stop-gap till I can ‘feed’ properly.

What I do find useful, is to ‘store’ my own energy in items like silver or crystals when I have an excess of energy, that way, I have it ready if ever I’m in need and don’t have access to a donor.

In closing, I once had a friend asking me about this issue, about being a psi vamp and a healer – and after explaining some stuff to her, I asked her if she felt it was a problem. Her answer was, if anything, it made her admire me more that I do a job that I know drains me – when I require energy myself. I love being a healer, it is just as much a part of me as being a Vampyre is, so I just need to deal with any issues that either of those bring up and I’m happy to do it.

So bite me!


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So I’m a Vampyre, Now What? (First published by SAVN on 13 May 2012)

My situation is different to that of some of the other vamps I have come across. Yes, I did ‘awaken’ when I was in my teens, but at the time I had no idea what was going on with me. Luckily I just kinda did what needed to be done without really knowing what I was doing. A lot later, I found the Pagan path and discovered witchcraft and energy work. I seemed to have a natural talent for both of these and persued them, learning as much as I could.

Later on came healing and shamanic work as well. While doing healing, I came across psychic Vampyres (I knew the ‘laymans’ definition of them), but ones who didn’t seem to know what they were and it struck a cord with me and I started doing some research. It was at a point where I started to realize that too much of this research seemed to describe me that I suspected that I was in fact a psi vamp – and realized that it would explain a lot of things in my past.

I wasn’t ready to accept that idea then, so just pushed it into the back of my mind, but it did make me look at a lot of things differently, and my energy work took a new priority in my life. For a few years, that was the status quo until various things made me start looking at my darker side – the one that I had subdued for a lot of years.

This brought me into contact with real Vampyres and suddenly everything changed. After a while, I admitted to myself and then a little later to my new vamp friends that I was in fact a psi vamp.

What did admitting that I was a psi vamp mean to me? I can tell you one thing – definitely made me feel more comfortable with myself than I had for a lot of years. It felt comfortable and right. So what now?

Here I was, a skilled energy worker – and already psi feeding, although I hadn’t always been aware that this was what I was doing. I was in a whole new world, with a seemingly new language with terminology I hadn’t used before. I jumped in at the deep end and just started swimming, learning as I went along. I started off slow, feeling my way, gradually getting more and more familiar with what I could do and with who I was, making friends along the way.

I asked LOTS of questions and got enough answers to satisfy me. Then when I felt comfortable, I started experimenting. My first experiment stated accidentally as I was FB chatting with a psi vamp friend, who reached out into my space. At first I admit, I was angry and berated him for doing that, but at the same time I was intrigued for two reasons, how his energy felt and how it affected me. I wanted to know where this could go and so asked him if he was willing to help me find out what would happen if we took it further. He agreed and we tried again but this time I knew what was coming and so was therefore prepared.

What I found fascinated me, when I allowed his energy to mix with mine, I became VERY aggressive – and the chat got rather nasty, from my side, not his. We left it at that for then, but it took quite a while for the aggression to disperse. The next time we tried the same thing, I separated his energy from mine within my body – don’t ask me to try and explain how I did it because it’s not something I can really explain, but I did it. Doing that, I found that I didn’t get aggressive, but did get highly energized. From that point onward, I really wanted to know more, and with more research and with meeting new vamp friends, I started a crash course in all things Vampyre.

The more I learned, the more I learned about myself – and I found myself changing as I discovered more and more who I was. I admit, I’m a LOT different to the person who first entered the SA VC – but I’m really happy with who I am and what I am now. I’ve discovered a lot more about psi feeding and what I like and what ‘fits’ me best, and I’m having a lot of fun with it. I’ve also had the opportunity to ‘donate’ via psi means to someone, and that was something new for me. I like the fact that I can help a friend in that way, and as I tend to get ‘fed’ a lot (and THAT I am not going to go into here LOL), I can afford to do it.

And just a ‘shout out’ to a great friend who helped me to find myself, thanks Samael Anathan.

So bite me!

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